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How you helped Bog and Brass become a reality

We are thrilled that everyone who purchases one of our creations, knows they are getting an authentic Bog and Brass piece of Irish history.

~Stephen McDowell
Bog and Brass CEO

Custom Wooden Gifts

I always had a fascination with wood when I was young, but it wasn’t until I started collecting driftwood on walks along the shore of my local town and creating random things from what I found that my passion grew.

This led me to look more into woodworking, and I decided on trying wood-turning after seeing a few videos on YouTube. After a lot of reading and watching videos online, I learned the basics and used this to practice until I felt comfortable with what I was doing.

Every day is a learning experience and I love trying new ideas and techniques to create custom wooden gifts. So here I am, still learning and loving creating. I create all the pieces in my workshop in Moville which grows by the day and I love making new things, especially custom wooden gifts.

Nothing makes me happier than when a customer is overjoyed with their one-of-a-kind item.

Irish Bog Oak - Bog and Brass


Irish Bog Oak, known for its deep historical roots and remarkable transformation over time, holds a significant place in Irish culture. This exceptional wood, formed from ancient oak trees submerged in peat bogs for thousands of years, boasts unique properties and a rich heritage.

The creation process begins as fallen oak trees settle in waterlogged peat, undergoing a slow decay as minerals seep into the wood, darkening its colour and infusing it with a distinct character.

Once discovered and retrieved, the bog oak finds purpose in various Irish crafts, such as intricate carvings, furniture, and jewellery, showcasing skilled craftsmanship and appreciation for the country’s natural resources. Embraced by artisans and cherished by locals and visitors alike, Irish Bog Oak serves as a tangible link to Ireland’s past, preserving its cultural heritage for generations to come.

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